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Mike re-joins Etienne Crete from Desire to Trade

In this interview, Michael Toma discusses the importance of having a dream team when seeking to achieve success.

Michael Toma interview with World Class Performer Magazine

In this interview, Michael Toma takes a step back and talks about his early days, challenges, and how he developed a risk-based mindset. Mike also discusses:
• Success and productivity habits
• The biggest contributor to his success
• Bad recommendations disputed

Michael Toma talks Risk Management
with Desire to Trade

Desire to Trade’s Etienne Crete takes a deep dive into the role of trading full-time. You’ll learn all about the job of a trader and the critical role that risk management plays each and every trading day.

Day in the Life of a Futures and Options trader

Take a journey into a day of a futures trader and risk manager. It may not be as glamorous as you think.

Mike talks Caregiving in Las Vegas

Mike takes his message at re-defining caregiving to Sin City.

The Risk of Trading: Mastering the Most Important Element in Financial Speculation

The Risk of Trading is a practical resource that takes an in-depth look at one of the most challenging factors of trading—risk management. The book puts a magnifying glass on the issue of risk, something that every trader needs to understand in order to be successful.