Michael Toma

Risk Manager, Trader & Coach

The ability to quickly identify a problem, assess its impact, and make quick decisions by taking action is such a critical skill set in today’s world. It’s what business savvy is all about.

I Coach

From startup disruptors to struggling equity traders, I help people chart their path and take them on a journey from their current state to their desired state using an enterprise risk-based approach.

I Speak

Achieving success, whether it be an individual vision or a corporate mission, is all about passion. I share the roadmap and message to audiences of all sizes around the world.

I Write

I explore the world of taking action and getting results through the eyes of a fixer. Together we can find the crossroads between knowledge, success, and joy.

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About Michael

Michael Toma is a corporate risk manager and specialist in trading the equity index, forex and futures markets in the United States. A Certified Risk Manager, Toma is a frequent speaker on the industry trading conference circuit. He is the author of two books on risk management, which provides a first-hand perspective of risk-based trading and the challenges that new traders are forced to overcome.

His passion is working with under-served individuals and entities with the primary goal of making the world a better place.